these changes aint changing me

Hello! I'm Kali. Thank you for stopping by!

pronouns: she/her | age: 20 (august 6) | thai
i make fanart, the occasional poetry, writing, and sometimes song covers. currently, i'm working on a bachelor's degree in humanities. i studied german at school and went on exchange to italy for a year. help me practice if you're a native speaker!

i'm also DM'ing a Curse of Strahd campaign, if you'd like to talk about that.


critical role, the beatles, the killers, d&d, lord of the rings, rpg games, leonardo da vinci, impressionist art, classic lit (jane austen, daphne du maurier, and f. scott fitzgerald!), 60s music, rock & roll, cowboys, tarot, astrology, dogs, italian coffee, and romance arcs done right


spoilers, happy birthday messages for paul mccartney and ringo starr, indulgent fanart, elves, and occasional periods of social media inactivity


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